Corporate Litigation

Corporate Litigation San FranciscoWhat is Corporate Litigation?

Over the years, we have successfully represented businesses and individuals in a number of different areas of the law, including corporate litigation, defined as litigation among the owners, directors, managers or partners of a business.  Disputes among the owners of a business are quite common, and sometimes require the assistance of an experienced corporate trial attorney to resolve, either through negotiation or through aggressive litigation and trial, if necessary.

We also represent clients involved in contract, commercial and fiduciary duty litigation.

Representative Corporate Litigation Cases

Over the years, we have represented companies and individuals in corporate litigation in connection with break-ups of businesses (including corporations, partnerships, professional corporations (PCs) , limited partnerships (LPs) and limited liability companies (LLCs)) in many different industries, including e-commerce, high tech, travel, professional corporations and catering, to name a few.  We have obtained very favorable results in many corporate litigation cases, a few of which are described as follows.

  • Represented former employee in corporate litigation in which former employee was accused of leaving a business brokerage in California and unfairly competing with former employer.  Following aggressive litigation with the former employer, we won summary judgment in favor of the former employee, meaning that the case against him was dismissed.
  • Represented professional corporation against former partner in corporate litigation in California state court involving allegations of unfair competition when the former partner left the firm and took a book of business.  Settled matter confidentially on behalf of client.
  • Represented catering company against former partner in corporate litigation in California superior court; obtained lucrative settlement on behalf of client.

Of course, the results in the corporate litigation cases we have handled in the past were a function of the facts and circumstances of each of those cases, and past results are no guarantee of any results in any corporate litigation case you may have.  If you feel you have a corporate litigation case, please contact us to set up a free consultation.