Complex Commercial Litigation

What is Complex Commercial Litigation?Complex Commercial Litigation

Over the years, we have successfully represented businesses and individuals in a number of different areas of the law, including commercial litigation, defined as litigation between parties to a contract or series of contracts, or involving disputes between competitors.  We have also represented businesses and individuals involved in intra-company disputes (see our page for corporate litigation) and fiduciary duty litigation, among other areas of law.

Representative Complex Commercial Litigation Cases

  • Acted as co-lead counsel in a complex commercial litigation case involving allegations that the client owed in excess of $26,000,000 as a potentially responsible party for clean-up of property rated number eight on the National Priorities List promulgated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  Won judgment favoring client in United States District Court.
  • Represented startup in commercial litigation arbitration against website developer for lost profits and other damages; obtained favorable arbitration result.
  • Represented investor in connection with fraudulent investment scheme; obtained judgment for client against defendant for maximum amount allowed by law.
  • Represented vendor in commercial litigation case in which defendant failed to pay for services.  Obtained judgment for unpaid costs and attorneys fees.
  • Represented steel fabrication company against neighboring company to abate nuisance; obtained favorable settlement that included defendant company closing its operation.
  • Represented purchaser of real property in commercial litigation case against seller regarding allegations that seller had not fully disclosed all facts material to the sale of the property.  Seller filed for bankruptcy protection.  Client then filed suit in bankruptcy court alleging fraud.  Obtained favorable settlement.
  • Represented construction subcontractor in connection with unpaid invoices.  Client asserted lien rights.  Contractor filed for bankruptcy protection.  Obtained relief from automatic stay and asserted lien and stop notice rights; obtained favorable settlement with bond company including payment of attorney’s fees.
  • Represented numerous commercial litigation creditors in set aside actions filed in bankruptcy courts; obtained very favorable settlements following aggressive litigation.

Of course, the results in the complex commercial litigation cases we have handled in the past were a function of the facts and circumstances of each of those cases, and past results are no guarantee of any results in any complex commercial litigation case you may have.  If you feel you may have a complex commercial litigation case, please contact us to set up a free consultation.