At the Webb Legal Group, our philosophy is that the best way to resolve a dispute is to prepare it for trial.  This means that our attorneys have to have the experience and skills necessary to try cases if they are not among the 99% of civil cases in the United States that settle prior to trial.

Many lawyers describe themselves as “litigators.”  We shy from this label, because to our way of thinking, a litigator is one who fights over trivia but then will do whatever it takes to get out of actually trying the case when the rubber meets the road.  As trial attorneys — i.e. as attorneys who routinelyTrial Attorneys try cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex pieces of litigation — we fight over what matters as we prepare our case for trial, and leave it to the litigators to argue about what a judge in one of our recent cases called “trivialities.”

To this end, all of our attorneys have received extensive training in the mechanics — and art — of trying cases.  In addition, our principle attorney, William T. Webb, has extensive trial experience, and even teaches other attorneys how to try cases through the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

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William T. Webb

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